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A Map for Syldavia

Hello all, It is has been quite a while since I posted my original Syldavia post – a month already! I am a bit embarassed, I have to say. I have just got through a few wicked weeks of work and I have a moment to take a breath and return to my Syldavia project; I was beginning to wonder when I would be able to get back to this! In any case, it is a slack evening, the baby is sleeping and I have a nice coffee and a few minutes of tranquility. Aaah – back to work! I have some modest progress to report. In the last few weeks I recieved some newly-painted Austrians and Russians hireling troops in the mail, enough to game some small battles while I paint up the « real » Syldavian and Bordurian forces. I also dug out a long-sealed box (a veteran of a few moves) containing one squadron of Austrian cavalry, one squadron of Russian dragoons and a battalion of Russian jaegers. These long-lost and never-used troops are all French Revolutionary War-era units but the bicorn hats don’t look to…