King Stépan IV's pleasure dome at Kragoneidin, on the shores of Lake Polishov

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Appointments and Promotions

Once again, time flies by and my little Syldavian garden lies neglected for a few weeks.  The work life has been intensely busy and I have had to concentrate on meeting numerous deadlines.  I haven’t felt full of Imagination or energy, sadly.  However, I have managed to do a tiny  bit of painting and a bit of terrain-building (the Vauban fortification) here and there.  Today I’ll give a little attention to Syldavian foreign relations, making long-overdue contact with some other EvE rulers whose story lines seem to be pertinent to my own in one way or another.  No offense is intended to those not mentioned here - more ambassadorships are possible!

The mis en scène:

Koprow Castle, Klow, 1731; the door of the Royal Privy Secretary’s office swings open, the Secretary drops his quill pen and bolts up from his desk.  King Stépan, a big-boned man with rather wild, jet black hair strides into the room and slaps a thick dossier onto the Secretary’s desk.

“Ah, Lazlo, there you are.  And here you are, these are my plans for renewing our Foreign Policy”. 

“Er…Foreign Policy, Your Majesty”?

“Yes, indeed, Lazlo.  Amongst other things, we need to rejuvenate our relations with other small... er...well... middle-sized Powers.  We are forever buffeted by our bigger neighbours, always at the mercy of their interests and shying from their blows.  We need other allies among states our own size, places like Bembach-Shönau and New Byzantion.   But, we have neglected our relations with these states, we lack ambassadors where we need them.  We lack an ambassador in Tradgardland, even, our old friends.  It is a shameful situation.”

“What are your commands, Sire?”

“Well, select some Ambassadors, obviously.    I need some reliable and observant people, people who can open doors abroad for us and keep us up to date with what is going on.  I’d like to send young Count Ignatio Hartthröb to Tradgardland, he will be able to establish contacts with the artists and scholars of the Duke’s court, perhaps we can attract a few of them here.  And some time away from court might save him from being challenged to a duel… it would be a sad thing to lose his talent with a fiddle and the court ladies will be morose for a year.  Bembach-Shönau and New Byzantion are among our nearest neighbours, we need to maintain peace and trade with them and to be aware of their military preparations.  What do you think of that commerce-minded fellow, Lowenbrow, for Bembach-Shönau?”

“Ah, Majesty, a wise choice for certain, but you appointed him Ambassador to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein a year ago.  We have already sent his first report of the famous Beerstein brewing techniques to the new breweries at Pivow. ”

“Oh, indeed, quite right.  I look forward to tasting…I mean seeing their progress.   In any case, I would like to see experienced, prudent and percipient men sent abroad.  Perhaps a recently-retired officer with administrative experience, or two.  I need a list of candidates by tomorrow afternoon, we’ll announce the appointments after we review Elkow’s regiment.  Remember that these men are to be duly invested as Knights of St. Vladimir, and the heads of State who receive them are to be awarded the Order of the Black Pelican, with all the rights and dignities that come with it.”

 “Of course, your Majesty.”

The Most Ancient Order of the Black Pelican, presented to Foreign Rulers
and to those giving the most outstanding service to Syldavia   

Announcement of the Office of the Chancellor, in the Service of
His Royal Majesty, King Stépan II of Syldavia

Stépan II, King of Syldavia, is pleased to announce the appointment of the following noble and meritous Gentlemen to the office of Ambassador and their investment as Knights of the Order of St. Vladimir:

Count Ignatio Hartthröb, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Duke of Tradgardland,

Baron Mihailo Milutin, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the General Council of Tipplebruder,

Ret. Colonel Baron Janos Kerevice, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Reichfurst of Bembach-Schönau,

Ret. General Baron Josef Hrzik, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Basileios of New Byzantion,

Ret. General Ritter Petr Kotrimanic, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Viceroy of Catalonia,

Ritter Paul-Mihailo Pompphrish, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the Ezerherzog of Hesse-Cassoulet,


Ret. Col. Ritter Ijani Bartolemi, who shall present his diplomatic credentials to the King of St. Maurice.

Upon formal appointment, these officials will depart forthwith to establish their embassies, where they will serve, at the King's pleasure and with the King’s confidence, as the King's spokesmen and witnesses abroad, in the service of the Syldavian homeland. 

Decreed, in the name of King Stépan II