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Appointments and Promotions

Once again, time flies by and my little Syldavian garden lies neglected for a few weeks.  The work life has been intensely busy and I have had to concentrate on meeting numerous deadlines.  I haven’t felt full of Imagination or energy, sadly.  However, I have managed to do a tiny  bit of painting and a bit of terrain-building (the Vauban fortification) here and there.  Today I’ll give a little attention to Syldavian foreign relations, making long-overdue contact with some other EvE rulers whose story lines seem to be pertinent to my own in one way or another.  No offense is intended to those not mentioned here - more ambassadorships are possible!

The mis en scène:
Koprow Castle, Klow, 1731; the door of the Royal Privy Secretary’s office swings open, the Secretary drops his quill pen and bolts up from his desk.  King Stépan, a big-boned man with rather wild, jet black hair strides into the room and slaps a thick dossier onto the Secretary’s desk.
“Ah, Lazlo, there you are.  And here you a…