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A trial flag and Mopping Up after the Battle of the Zileherhoum Marshes

I was fooling about with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, making some trial versions of national and regimental banners for the Syldavians.  I worked up a basic flag modeI and then added 3-D texture following the very useful instructions that the resourceful MS Foy kindly posted on his  blog  (Prometheus in Aspic).  Here is what I ended up with:

The flag is intended to be a Baroque military version of the national flag that figures in Hergé's Ottokar's Sceptre.  I'm not so terribly happy with it, but it is a start. Something weird happened to the pelican's beak. Perhaps he swallowed a big fish!


1684Mopping up after the Battle of the Zileherhoum Marshes

The end of the Battle of the Zileherhoum Marshes was marked by the collapse and rout of the Bordurian infantry battleline.Two ortas of Bordurian provincial infantry and the Arnaut light infantry that had been repulsed by the Syldavian infantry broke and streamed away in complete disorder afterbeing p…

Campaign maps for the Battle of the Zilherhoum Marshes

While preparing my last post I realised that with the slow pace of progress around here, I needed to go back and check my own map in order figure out where things ought to lie after last week’s battle and how they ought to progress.If I needed a refresher, I can only imagine that the Interested Reader had to do some studying as well.So, I am going posting here a couple of maps that should illustrate the flow of events across Syldavia’s obscure landscape.  Above is a map showing movements of the start of the spring campaign, namely the Bordurian raids on bridgeheads controlling access to King Ivan's winter base at Klow.  The map below shows King Ivan's movements in response to  these raids leading, finally, to the encounter in the Zileheroum Marshes.  

Battle of Zileheroum Marshes AAR!

Hi all!  These are very busy times at work and at home with little time spent around here, as one can readily see.  My energy hasn't really been in short supply but given a chance to paint, read, catch up on work or get some sleep in the short periods of time I do have to myself after the family is all a-bed, I haven't often found the wherewithall to string more words together on the computer.  You know how that goes.  Anyway, in a spasm of productivity, I did steal the time to continue to discover the shadowy (shady?) History of Syldavia with the 1684 campaign post the other day.   I hit the wall however trying to figure out how the battle would work out when I was saved by a good idea.  Aha! Why not play the battle out in a game and then write an AAR?!  Whoa,  hold on there Jim, you say!  Play out an actual wargame? Sit yourself down and have a drink!  Quite out of character for this blog, I realize...  
I did indeed play out the scenario in a fast game, using figures and m…