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The Duchess in Play

Almost immediately upon his return to Douma and to his Keep, Duke Jiri found himself ushered, by his wife Franka, up the Keep’s great stair to the Great Hall and into an unexpected encounter with Baron Dokovic, the interloping agent of the Bordurian governor at Djordjevaro. Having first stirred up the rebellion in Hum and then having been defeated by the rebels, the Baron was sullenly scheming up ways to save his own hide and to appropriate Hum’s small military (and perhaps parts of Hum itself) for himself. « That is a most unpleasant welcome for Jiri » thought Franka ,“But only the Duke’s presence will make a real effect on Dokovic. He is dangerous and I am running out of tricks to distract him ». Franka descended the great stair of the keep and opened the door to an adjacent storeroom, where she began sorting through a chest full of linens, putting the older ones into a basket on the floor. As she worked, she could hear the faint murmurs of the conversation between the Duke and the …

Back in the saddle...

Hi all,

I am now back at home for a bit, having just finished a short field trip to Iceland, one of my favourite places for visiting and working.  I spent most of my time surveying old abandoned farms such as the one more or less visible at right in the picture below, which dates back at least to the 13th century.  It was great fun and very productive and, as you can see, Iceland's landscape certainly loves a camera lens.  I'm a bit sad to be home!  It is our national holiday here in Canada today, so I am home taking care of the odds and ends of tasks and chores I left trailing when I departed.   Two of these (and the most fun) will be to work up some new terrain boards and restart the Syldavia story, where Duke Jiri, caught between the hammer and the anvil (rebels and the Bordurians) must finally make a move.  Check back later today.

Thanks for looking in!