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First Birthday of the Crown Princess!

Hello all,

It is well past time to post something here. I'm still alive, just snowed under with the end of term, final exams, doc theses and the flu. Yes, that flu, and what fun. In happier news, the Crown Princess Lilja Anna (her name rendered into Syldavian) just had her first birthday. What a year, very blurry and sleepless but very happy as well. I think that a new hussar regiment will have to be created in her honour! EvE is quite the family-friendly venue, so I thought that I would share the event with you.
On the blog front, I have just about finished geographical and historical outlines for Syldavia. I will post them soon, honest.

A sneak peek at the painting table...

Hello all,
I have taken a few pictures of the hireling armies I recently acquired and of my own painting efforts for Syldavia itself. All are 15mm Eureka figures, most of mine still need touch ups and are still glued to their painting bases. I just now realizing that I am not so proficient at macro shots with my digital camera, so all of this goes down as practice. I like the Eureka figures, the Austrians seem to me to be better sculpted than the Russians but after a long time waiting for SYW in 15mm to 18mm scale (a dearth oft bemoaned back in the heyday of the Spanner and the Yank website, god rest its sainted soul) I am extremely pleased to have these to work with. The Russian hirelings are painted nicely and I am pleased with them, the Austrians (white blocked over black) are less subtle and my photos weren't flattering, so I left them out.
Enjoy! Jim
Russian Dragoons Russian Musketeers
Grenadiers, Syldavian Regiment Istow

Regiment Dbrnouk


And who are these ruffians...? A …

A Map for Syldavia

Hello all, It is has been quite a while since I posted my original Syldavia post – a month already! I am a bit embarassed, I have to say. I have just got through a few wicked weeks of work and I have a moment to take a breath and return to my Syldavia project; I was beginning to wonder when I would be able to get back to this! In any case, it is a slack evening, the baby is sleeping and I have a nice coffee and a few minutes of tranquility. Aaah – back to work! I have some modest progress to report. In the last few weeks I recieved some newly-painted Austrians and Russians hireling troops in the mail, enough to game some small battles while I paint up the « real » Syldavian and Bordurian forces. I also dug out a long-sealed box (a veteran of a few moves) containing one squadron of Austrian cavalry, one squadron of Russian dragoons and a battalion of Russian jaegers. These long-lost and never-used troops are all French Revolutionary War-era units but the bicorn hats don’t look to…

First Despatch from Syldavia!

Welcome to Despatches From Syldavia!Will you join me for a Plate of Szlaszeck and a Glass of Szprädj?This blog relates the infamous history and dubious future goings-on of my own Imagi-nations wargames campaign involving an un-historical milieu of fictitious mid 18th century nations set in southeastern Europe.I’ll keep the blog updated with reports when I have made progress in my project and when I have something (one hopes) moderately interesting to say.Life is quite busy, however, so I am afraid that my postings will probably come at an irregular pace. My project represents my return to the wargaming world after several years of inactivity, during which time I finished my PhD, landed a real job, got married and started a family.Now, with all that done (or is it because sleep is in short supply?), the desire to start painting and gaming projects came back to life. I started to build a SYW army and while doing some research on the WWW, I accidentally stumbled upon EvE and a number of…