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Encounter with the Rebels

So, I've been trapped at the desk with a number of big deadlines the last few weeks.  I spent the scarce spare time I had on painting rather than thinking about 13th century Syldavia.  Things will be calmer for the next few weeks (I hope…).  Here is the next scene of Duke Jiri's story.

Encounter with the Rebels 
Alone in the ruined chapel of St. Narcissus, Duke Jiri and his son Konstantin held a whispered but intense conversation about Brother Velimir’s proposition to lead a rebellion and then left to rejoin the waiting army.  Soon the mass of men was put grumblingly back into motion, marching towards a dark hilltop a few miles off to the west.  A few hours later, at the end of the afternoon, Jiri lead his army over the crest of hill, to see the high wooded hill and the rebel army before him across a narrow valley, just as Velimir forewarned.  Jiri ordered his men into battle line and then marched them down into the valley, coming to a halt again on a long low terrace near the v…