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WIP - Inhaber and uniforms of Könikstzrwa Kürassiers

I haven't been positing work in progress on my Syldavian army so far; life is busy enough and, as well, I liked the idea of a dramatic review of the troops when they are done, kind of like "roll 'em" poker. That is a game that the Bordurians can understand...

In any case, I think it is time to make an exception to my not-so-formal-plan.  I'm working on one of the senior regiments in the Syldavian army, Cav. Reg't 1, the Könikstzrwa (King's) Kürassier Regiment.  I have the horses and men primed and blocked out for half the regiment (12 men per unit, 24 for the reg't) and finished painting one trooper almost to completion as a test figure.  Here he is:

The model is a Eureka 18mm Austrian Kürassier trooper. Big, impressive horses on these figures; they tower over the poor bloody infantry, just as a Kürassier really should.  I painted him fairly quickly and I'm not entirely satisfied with some details.  Notably the pale blue facings out to be a bit m…

Signs of life in Syldavia?

Hi all,
It has been pretty quiet around here, somewhat embarrassingly so I have to say.  The end of semester has been incredibly chaotic and I have been dog-paddling in deadlines for months it seems.  I have squeezed in a little bit of therapeutic figure painting here and there, the Syldavia project continues to inch its way toward completion!  Spring ought to be coming around the corner, I'd like to conjure up a little sun and a few flowers.  

I dropped in on TMP yesterday only to stumble upon a strange little bunfight about Sam Mustafa's new Maurice rule set and such travesties as the use of cards and rules (shudder!).  Why did I let myself get distracted by all that I wonder?  I had already ordered Maurice as I am interested to see how he has set up his imaginations campaign rules, the pre-release brochure piqued my curiosity and I can see how it might be also help me out.  As for all the fuss about cards, dice, rules, etc that erupts from time to time, meh.  Its all a gam…