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WIP - Inhaber and uniforms of Könikstzrwa Kürassiers

I haven't been positing work in progress on my Syldavian army so far; life is busy enough and, as well, I liked the idea of a dramatic review of the troops when they are done, kind of like "roll 'em" poker. That is a game that the Bordurians can understand...

In any case, I think it is time to make an exception to my not-so-formal-plan.  I'm working on one of the senior regiments in the Syldavian army, Cav. Reg't 1, the Könikstzrwa (King's) Kürassier Regiment.  I have the horses and men primed and blocked out for half the regiment (12 men per unit, 24 for the reg't) and finished painting one trooper almost to completion as a test figure.  Here he is:

Trooper of Cavalry Reg't 1, Könikstzrwa Kürassiers
18mm Eureka

The model is a Eureka 18mm Austrian Kürassier trooper. Big, impressive horses on these figures; they tower over the poor bloody infantry, just as a Kürassier really should.  I painted him fairly quickly and I'm not entirely satisfied with some details.  Notably the pale blue facings out to be a bit more vivid in normal light, I might re-do them with a touch of turquoise mixed in. But, hey, he is 18mm and I'm well past the point of pursuing letter-perfect in this scale.  I'll discuss uniforms (the what and the why) for the army in general in a future post.  I find it somewhat odd that red wasn't used more often for Kürassiers, I think that it becomes this fellow.

An Inhaber has been newly named for this regiment, which perhaps the oldest, most senior and distinguished regiment in the whole Syldavian army.  He is Baron Plavo Medvjed (yes, that is a simple direct internet translation of "Blue Bear" into Croatian, it works for me!), scion of an ancient and honoured family related to the von Ursa family of Saxe-Bearstein.  The Honorary Regimental Colonel is none other than Bruno von Ursa, Fürst of Saxe-Bearstein, himself.  Saxe-Bearstein's creator, Jeff Hudelson, is in recuperation as I write this.  I hope that this message finds you feeling a little better every day, Jeff, and brings a small amount of bonheur your way.  My thoughts are with you!

Hourrah, Jeff and Saxe-Bearstein!


  1. Splendid figure and a most appropriate inhaber!
    can't wait to see the completed unit...

  2. Jim
    If you find the duelling rules I would love a copy emailed too.They would come in handy for some figures I am trying to work upon...

  3. Alan,

    I have been looking through a couple of boxes, no success yet. I have a few more tucked away, the residues of having moved too many times...

    I did find the rules available on the web here:

    A company in the UK has the rights to the rules and has re-published them. I supposed that they were long since out of press and more or less in public domain.


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