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A few more buildings

It has a been a while since I posted something here, I’ve been trying to keep up with a number of deadlines, dealing with a delightful little flu and enjoying a little time with my daughter.  In any case, in little bits here and there, I have been continuing to work on the urban redevelopment project I discussed in my previous few posts.  This time, I was working on houses and other buildings and have finished enough of them for a post. 

Here are a couple of pictures of some scratch built buildings, some of which are brand new and some of which I made quite some time ago for a “Suvarov in Italy” campaign.  That campaign never really got off the ground (maybe one day) but the buildings make a useful legacy for the Syldavia project as I think that they will be ideal for rural and town buildings, especially for southern and coastal Syldavian settings.  I’ll supplement them with some of JR Miniatures Italian buildings derived from the defunct Architectural Heritage line.  The pseudo-Itali…