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First Birthday of the Crown Princess!

Hello all,

It is well past time to post something here. I'm still alive, just snowed under with the end of term, final exams, doc theses and the flu. Yes, that flu, and what fun. In happier news, the Crown Princess Lilja Anna (her name rendered into Syldavian) just had her first birthday. What a year, very blurry and sleepless but very happy as well. I think that a new hussar regiment will have to be created in her honour! EvE is quite the family-friendly venue, so I thought that I would share the event with you.

On the blog front, I have just about finished geographical and historical outlines for Syldavia. I will post them soon, honest.




  1. She's a little charmer for sure . . . and is already placing miniature houses on the table for a new battle scenario . . . she's a gem.

    Hope that you all have a happy and healthy holiday season and new year.

    -- Jeff

  2. How cute! Happy birthday to her! I see she already has a firm grasp of terrain. ;)

  3. Happy birthday to her and best wishes to the whole family!

  4. The Soweiter League and the Batrachian Empire take a pause in their current hostilities to celebrate the birthday of the Crown Princess of Syldavia!

  5. Hi all,
    Many thanks on behalf of the Princess! She had an excellent party to celebrate, to be sure.

    And as for her (literal!) grasp of terrain, I believe that its creative use to create advantage on the battlefield is called a "coup d'oeil", though it is more a "coup de main" in this case!



  6. The Main? As in Splice the Main Brace?
    HOpefully, she will have lovely memories of this someday ... and I hope she keeps her good looks as she grows older!

  7. Ah! Giant baby! Everyone run for your lives!!! Run!


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