King Stépan IV's pleasure dome at Kragoneidin, on the shores of Lake Polishov

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A sneak peek at the painting table...

Hello all,
I have taken a few pictures of the hireling armies I recently acquired and of my own painting efforts for Syldavia itself. All are 15mm Eureka figures, most of mine still need touch ups and are still glued to their painting bases. I just now realizing that I am not so proficient at macro shots with my digital camera, so all of this goes down as practice. I like the Eureka figures, the Austrians seem to me to be better sculpted than the Russians but after a long time waiting for SYW in 15mm to 18mm scale (a dearth oft bemoaned back in the heyday of the Spanner and the Yank website, god rest its sainted soul) I am extremely pleased to have these to work with. The Russian hirelings are painted nicely and I am pleased with them, the Austrians (white blocked over black) are less subtle and my photos weren't flattering, so I left them out.


Russian Dragoons
Russian Musketeers

Grenadiers, Syldavian Regiment Istow

Regiment Dbrnouk


And who are these ruffians...? A nightmare for the good folk of Niedzdrow...


  1. A great pleasure to discover the first Syldavian troops!

  2. They look very good, sir.

    What rules are you planning on using?

    -- Jeff

  3. Jeff,

    After some searching about (this is my first SYW venture), I decided to order Bill Protz's BAR rules. I think that I will use these, so I will have to build up my unit size to at least 30 figures each. The bigger units do look much better on the table and I have always thought that they function better in terms of their reproduction of real battalions.


  4. Cool painting and great choice of rules!

  5. Excellent troops! I like your buildings, too! Looks like they're right out of Herge's illustrations. :)

  6. Thanks, Alan. I look forward to using the rules, they have been my bedside reading recently. I go to sleep counting BIG battalions... You know the rules well, I take it?

    Fitz-Badger: the buildings are somewhat accidental. One was an old Architectural Heritage building, now produced by JR miniatures I think. I scratch built the others several years ago, while planning a late 18th century-Napoleonic campaign for Italy, well before I had thought of any of this. A happy coincidence and I am very pleased that the work I put in then will have a pay-off now.


  7. Extremely nice figures and painting, sir! I particularly like the artillery piece and crew. The buildings are excellent too. They put the figures nicely in context.