King Stépan IV's pleasure dome at Kragoneidin, on the shores of Lake Polishov

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bordurians Sighted!

While Syldavians sleep deeply after their Christmas feast, dreaming of their just-eaten roast goose and sugarplums, a patrol of Bordurian cavalry probes Syldavia's mountainous eastern frontier.  These men and their horses are hard indeed, inured to the privation of the trail and to the snow. They ride through the frontier town of Vukaselo, making off with horses, lambs and plum brandy with barely a noise, and disappear into the mountains.   Later, an aged veteran swears that the men were Wallachian light cavalry, feared servants of the Bordurians.   What does this forebode?


These are unfinished figures which I have been painting in quiet moments here and there during the holidays.  They are 18mm Eureka SYW cossacks, painted to resemble a few illustrations I have of 17th and 18th century Wallachian boyar cavalry, sometime allies/subjects of the Ottomans.   They will, I hope, be finished shortly and then can march to join the rest of my Bordurian force.   The unfortunate village is of course a quite innocent Christmas town, one which has seen quite a few holidays but never a hostile cavalry patrol.


  1. Your "Christmas village" makes an excellent backdrop for these nasty fellows.

    -- Jeff

  2. Most evocative scene Sir! I trust you all had a super Christmas.
    best wishes
    p.s I look forward to the native american articles as and when you can- thanks.

  3. A nice, subtle combination of 'season atmosphere' and wargaming vignette: compliments!
    Your 'Wallachians' look appropriately impressive and 'barbarian' -looking eagerly for discovering more of your 'Lace Wars' armies!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hello all,

    I had the impression that I was bringing the Grinch into Whoville when I commandeered my Mother's Christmas scene after everyone went to bed! It is all back as it should be now, the Wallachians are but a unpleasant memory.

    Jean-Louis - I have enough troops on both sides to do a presentation of regiments and (soon) a small game. I had hoped to start parading regiments in January.


  5. 18mm??? Good heavens, I took them for 25-28mm at first, the detail and painting is so good! They are a fierce-looking band of desperados, and the village scenery sets them off nicely. Looking forward to more.