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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Tintin about to be awarded the Order of the Black Pelican (from Hergé's Ottokar's Sceptre)
I opened up the internet today to find a surprise awaiting me, Alan (aka Tradgardmastare of the Duchy of Tradgardland, at has honoured Despatches from Syldavia with the "Stylish Blogger Award".  I believe that Alan is terribly generous as what passes for style around here is pretty threadbare compared to the splendour and wit of some of the web sites we are lucky enough to visit, and I myself have been so inactive the last while that even the "blogger" part of the honorific seems a stretch. Nevertheless, and to be serious for a moment, a nod from Tradgardmastare (who runs one of my favourite places on the web) is indeed an honour and one to be gratefully and graciously acknowledged.  My thanks, Alan.  The Stylish Blogger Award looks like an interesting exercise given some of the spots I have read in the last few days and I would be pleased to take this buck and pay it forward.  I'll try to have something interesting to say about this tommorow.


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  1. Hi,

    I'm Lluís, who besides of running the Imagi-Nation am also webmaster of the Catalan language webzine, and also run the blogs and

    I've also suggested your Imagi-Nation blog for a "Stylish Blogger Award". More info at

    Best wishes :)